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Artistic agency – The International Painting Open Air "GARDENS" is organising from the year 2000 the artistic open air symposiums for the best artists of distinction from all over the world.
For the last three years the patron of the symposiums was Jolanta’s Kwaśniewska Foundation "Understanding Without Barriers""

The artists who participate in the International Painting Open Air"GARDENS" during the painting open air transfer to their canvas scenery from different parts of Poland such as: (Mazury, Wielkopolska, Silesia, Rzeszowszczyzna, Mazowsze and Podlasie) the architecture of small towns and sacral buildings. In April this year they have reached Corsica in order to paint wild nature of this unusual island.

The ambition of the initiators Andrzej Owczarek painter and the artistic commissioner is to make their painting open air not only the significant artistic event but also very important premise. They also would like it to be in the essence of the matter very important spirit, religious and historic experience.
They organise the painting open air that is dedicated to orthodox religion and culture. It took place in 2002 in Bielso Podlaskie and in 2003 in Orthodox Churches in Podlasie (Jabłeczna, Supraśl, Grabarka, and Dojlidy)
Also in September took place the open air in Tykocin " Culture face to face" dedicated to Jewish culture that left many signs in this charming little town situated near Białystok.

In the group of artists who participated in the painting open air there are many famous people such as: Janusz Kapusta and Stanisław Młodożeniec from USA Mikiko Yamaguchi and Mitsuru Katano from Japan Veerle Rooms from Belgium, Andrey Zacharov and AndreyAljechin from Russia, Jura Makarenko and Irena Moguczaja from White Russia and also Franciszek Maśluszczak, Paweł Lasik and Beata Murawska from Poland.
During the open air in Tykocin to the artist family joined painters from Israel - Nili Epstein and Aviva Shemer.

The painting open air organised by International Painting Open Air "Gardens" and also after open air exhibition was always accompanied by the media on the local and central grade.
The open air in Corsica was patronised by "Życie Warszawy "("Warsaw’s life") and "Corse Martin" .
The account of this event was also shown on French TV. In Poland it was shown on the news and on Polonia TV. Polaonia TV is also going to show the film about the open air "Culture face to face" in Tykocin.

International Open Air "Gardens" issues catalogues and albums. It also organises auctions and exhibitions.
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Zygmunt Miedziński
Technics: oil
Zygmunt Miedziński
Technics: oil
Zygmunt Miedziński
Technics: oil
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